Portable Monitor with Touch Function for Raspberry Pi

Portable Monitor with Touch Function for Raspberry Pi
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  • Portable Monitor with Touch Function for Raspberry Pi
  • elecrow_10.1_inch_ips_tft_lcd_1280x800_portable_monitor_with_touch_function_for_raspberry_pi_fpv_video_display_2
  • elecrow_10.1_inch_ips_tft_lcd_1280x800_portable_monitor_with_touch_function_for_raspberry_pi_fpv_video_display_3
  • elecrow_10.1_inch_ips_tft_lcd_1280x800_portable_monitor_with_touch_function_for_raspberry_pi_fpv_video_display_4
  • elecrow_10.1_inch_ips_tft_lcd_1280x800_portable_monitor_with_touch_function_for_raspberry_pi_fpv_video_display_6
  • elecrow_10.1_inch_ips_tft_lcd_1280x800_portable_monitor_with_touch_function_for_raspberry_pi_fpv_video_display_8
  • elecrow_10.1_inch_ips_tft_lcd_1280x800_portable_monitor_with_touch_function_for_raspberry_pi_fpv_video_display_7
The Elecrow 10.1inch IPS LCD Monitor has metal shell and loudspeaker, which could connect to the Raspberry Pi board in the back of the screen. Besides, it uses two in one power, the Raspberry Pi can be powered by screen. Thus, reduce unnecessary wires and keep you a clean desktop.
The 10.1 inch IPS LCD Monitor has a high resolution of 1280x800 pixels and can be controlled by touching and remote control. With the keys on the monitor back, you can choose control the screen by pressing the key or use the remote control-adjust its contrast or color. The monitor supports multiple video input interfaces such as HDMI, VGA and AV ,and also supports audio.
The monitor is widely used in industrial automation, intelligent computer, security, video microscopy, industrial equipment dedicated display, car reversing, etc
Tips for Raspberry Pi: 
Step 1: Open terminal and Download the driver on RPI 
git clone https://github.com/Elecrow-keen/Elecrow-LCD101.git 
Step 2: Install driver 
CD Elecrow-LCD101 
sudo chmod +x Elecrow-LCD101
sudo ./Elecrow-LCD101
Tips for Windows OS: 
Driver link:github link


  • Supports multiple video input interfaces: HDMI, VGA, AV and VNC
  • High resolution of 1280x800 pixels
  • Support key operation and remote control
  • Suitable for Windows system PC and Raspberry Pi
  • The IPS screen features the wide visual angle, fast response speed and accurate color rendition
  • Equipped with reserved fixing holes for control boards-suitable for Raspberry Pi 3 model B, 2model B, and support audio speaker
  • High sensitivity, strong anti-jamming


  • Color:Black.
  • Screen size: 24.3 (L) x 16.3 (W) x 4 (H) cm.
  • Package size: 31 (L) x 25 (W) x 7 (H) cm.
  • Item Weight:1600g.
  • Resolution:1280 x 800.
  • Wide viewing angle: 85/85/85/85 .
  • Shell: metal.
  • Input voltage: 12v.
  • Contrast ratio: 500:1
  • Light intensity: 300

Package list

  • 10.1Inch HDMI IPS LCD Monitor x1
  • 12V/2A power adapter x1
  • Remote control x1
  • HDMI cable x1
  • USB A to USB A cable x1
  • USB A to Micro USB cable x1
  • Acylic Board x1
  • Plastic Screws x4
  • Plastic Standoff x4
  • Plastic Nuts x4
  • Screws (M4*10mm) x4

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