SPID Rotor kontroller ROT1

SPID Rotor kontroller ROT1
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Bild SPID Controller


  • Manual, Automatic, Scanning, and Programmable modes
  • Digital readout with 1 degree resolution
  • Large easy to read soft green LED display
  • Computer interface via included serial cable, including Hygain, Yaesu and Orion emulation modes
  • Can be zeroed at any position to allow for installation inaccuracy or antenna mount slippage
  • Generous overtravel (180 deg.) with electronic limits
  • Programmable limits ideal for side mount applications
  • Small front panel to simplify stacking several units takes up less valuable space
  • Optional mouse control with 6 user programmable presets


  • - CCW
  • - CW
  • - Setup mode
  • - Function mode


Pressing an [F] button, and choose the functions:

  • [ ] - manual mode
  • [H] - half automatic mode (enter an angle, and after 2sec. the rotor automatically turns to the desired angle
  • [A] - automatic mode (PC controlling by Spidlog or other software)

Additional functions with optional mouse:

  • [P] - memory function: 6 presets. You can choose on mouse buttons

Setup mode

Works in manual mode only. Every click on the [S] button gives you the the following options

  • [ ] - choosing rotor gear transmission (1.00-RAU;0.66-RAK) or option (P) when it is possible to insert a transmission from Spidloc software)
  • [PH] - set maximum rotor stop angle (not more then +180 degree)
  • [PL] - set minimal rotor stop angle (not less then -180 degree)
  • [P blink] - set zero degree (only use when clearing the controller)
  • [P] - set memory presets P1 to P6

Rear panel

Bild SPID Congtroller AZ rear

  • Fuse
  • Power lead
  • Power button
  • Output for motor and Impulse.
  • DB9 (male) - Mouse input
  • USB (female) - PC output

One engine system (1 rotor). Program SPID.LOG is used to:

    • Evaluation of azimuths and distances (automatically send data to control unit)
    • Communication logger - including cataloque with LOG, PREFIX, LOG.Book - possibility of upgrading data
    • Possibility to use readymade libraries from CD-ROM ( CALL-Book, HAM CALL)
    • Built-in printing procedures for all kinds of data:
      • LOG
      • PREFIX
      • LOG Book
      • QSL cards(labels)
      • QSO connection table
    • Projection of 180 maps (on mouse click). Transmisson option: manual sending data (angle) to Rotor control unit or automatically work with other short wave software.