Eid18 Fjernstyrt 8 x Audio Switch

Eid18 Fjernstyrt 8 x Audio Switch
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Eid18 8x Audio switch

Eid18 is a remote / man. controlled 8x1 switch for audio & PTT. Select your audio, microphone or PTT from your transceiver without having to rewire your system setup.


Switches audio, PTT or microphone signals. Uses phono female connectors.

Eid18 can be remote operated from a PC via the EIDBUS, a modified RS485 bus.


It can be used as stand alone or in cascade with up to 100+ other units.

+12V dc power. (can be powered via shielded LAN connection)

Eid18 is easy to use and setup.


A control protocol available for custom modification


Eid18 has 2 dip switches for control settings.

4-bit dip to set unit in Master / Slave and Panel mode.

8-bit dip to set unit address: 0x00 is for offline use.

LAN port in and LAN port out for cascade connection to EIDBUS.


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