EID15 Fjernstyrt 8 x RF Switch Innedørs

EID15 Fjernstyrt 8 x RF Switch Innedørs
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Eid15 8x1 RF switch indoor


Eid15 is a remote / manually controlled 8x1 Switch for RF for indoor use. Select your antenna or transceiver without manually switching or rewiring.

Let’s you connect 100+ transceivers to your antenna or amplifiers + much more.       

Switches RF up to 200 MHz and uses PL259 female connectors.                                                             

N and BNC connectors optional

All ports are 50 Ω.

Crosstalk typical;

                            82dB 30 MHz
                            80dB 50 MHz
                            72dB 70 MHz
                            64dB 150 MHz

Insertion loss typical:

                                   0,017dB 50 MHz
                                   0,18 dB 144 MHz

SWR typical

                   < 1,09  0-70 MHz
                   < 1,2     144 MHz

Can be remote operated from PC via EIDBUS, a modified RS485 bus. It can also be used stand alone or in cascade with 100+ units.

+12V dc power. Eid15 is easy to use and setup and a control protocol available for custom modification.

Power rating up

                          30 MHz 200 W
                          70 MHz 100 W
                          144 MHz 25 W


Eid15 has 2 dip switches for control settings.

4-bit dip to set unit in Master / Slave and Panel mode.

8-bit dip to set unit address: 0x00 is for offline use.

LAN port in and LAN port out for cascade connection to EidBus.

LAN port cable carries +12Vdc power to units.

Eid15 Test measurements


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