RF Spektrum 15MHz - 2,7GHz

RF Spektrum 15MHz - 2,7GHz
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  • RF Spektrum 15MHz - 2,7GHz
  • RFE3G_70


In a world with a growing list of wireless systems, there is a real need for monitoring tools and instruments everyone can use.

  • Wireless microphones
  • Video links
  • GSM/GPRS/3G/4G networks
  • WiFi,
  • ZigBee,
  • Bluetooth,
  • ISM bands

The list never ends.
Some of these are amateur RF bands and therefore nice for hacking and tinkering.
Some others are professional, licensed bands with specific use where every Hertz of the assigned spectrum is precious.Dealing with all this complexity is only feasible with the right tool at hand.
RF Explorer is an affordable Handheld
Spectrum Analyzer designed from scratch to be a sort of Swiss Army Knife for the specific needs of digital radio frequency communication.Commercial high-end spectrum analyzers are traditionally expensive and bulky, in the order of many thousand dollars, and you need significant expertise to master them.
RF Explorer offers 90% of what a high cost unit will do for RF digital band communication, at a 5% of the cost. Additionally, it can be carried on easily anywhere, used outdoors efficiently for hours with a single battery charge.
RF enthusiast have limited themselves to cheap "RF Power Detector / Frequency counter" devices in the past. But these are limited to display data for a single point of maximum power, and traditionally power metrics are too unreliable, in the order of 20dB or even 30dB inaccuracy.In contrast, a spectrum analyzer like RF Explorer will display full frequency spectrum in the band, including carrier and modulated shape, will display Spread Spectrum activity if that exist, and will show bandwidth to monitor collisions, frequency deviation from expected tone, etc.