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GSOC data terminal controller


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GSOC Construed as Operation panels of X5105, G90S and G90, After connection will add control, spectrum, and waterfall plot Data encoding/decoding terminal, Rear with loudspeaker, and Loudspeaker socket, Side with microphone jack, Support full screen touch, mouse and keyboard, Big frequency knob, USB standard interface X 2, TF memory card and application, WIFI & BLUETOOTH automatic speech or text call etc.

System Features and Parameters

External dimension (without protrusion): 225*123*45 mm

DSP Parameters: 24bit ADC, 200kHz spectrum and waterfall plot, bandwidth format, support NFM/AM/USB/LSB/CW

Screen size and resolution: 7'', 1024x600 pixel, full color

Screen touch: capacitive sensing

Frequency knob: photoelectric high precision sensing

Voltage range: 10.5-16.5 V

Model: G90S/G90/X5105 (more in the future); communication interface: 9-pin, [I/Q 3.5 mm], [IF MCX], etc.; microphone jack: LAN RJ45 standard 8-pin

Loudspeaker connector: 3.5 mm

Weight: 1.2 kg

GSOC backward compatible with the next generation of XIEGU products

Network access to external WIFI


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