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Eid17 Eidbus converter


Eid17 Eidbus converter

Converteren brukes for å konvertere den interne protokollen til en enklere og åpen protokoll som brukes mellom styringsprogrammer og Eidbus systemet.  

Eidolon Customer Protocol Converter (Eid-Software Download)

Teknisk beskrivelse av protokollene:

  • Converts from EidBus to RS232 Baudrate : 19200 8N1
  • The converter has default address 0x00
  • The EidBus system has address 0xFF
  • All units on the EidBus uses addresses between 0x00 and 0xFF
  • Eid17 supports only addresses from 0x01 to 0x7F
  • Ascii protocoll is used.
  • Messages are started with:
               "#" and is ended with "n"  or
                "rn" (windows enter)
  • Messeges are built as: "#
  • Eid17 supports 3 commands : "Get", "Set "  and " Ret ""
               "Get" is used to ask for data.
                "Set" is used to set data.
                "Ret" is the responce from units after a "Set" or "Get"
  •  Eid17 itself (0x00) only supports the " Get " commands as nothing can be set on Eid17 itself.
  • "Type" and" and "Name" can be fetched as follows :Example:Send:"#0x00 Get Namen"Answer:"Eidolon Customer Protocol Converter n"
  • The EidBus system (0xFF) only supports  "Get"
  • "Get" can ask for "Type" and "Name", you will then receive addresses of all units in the system.
  • Now that you know the unit addresses you can ask what settings these units have.
             Example : Send:"#0xA1 Get xn"
             Answer:"0xA1 Ret x:1=4n"
  • You can also ask for "Name" and "Type" direct on the address.
  • To set or alter the settings of a unit the "Set" command is used
         Example:    Send:"#0xA1 Set x:1=3n"
                          Answer:"#0xA1 Ret x:1=3n"