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EID18 Fjernstyrt 8x Switch for Audio & PTT


Eid18 is a remote / man. controlled 8x1 Switch for audio & PTT.

  • Select your audio, microphone or PTT from your transceiver without  having to rewire.
  • Switches audio, PTT or microphone signals.
  • Uses phono female connectors.
  • Remote from PC via Eidbus, a modified RS485 bus
  • Can be used as stand alone or in cascade with up to 100+ other units
  • +12V dc power. ( can be powered via shielded LAN connection)
  • Easy to use and setup.
  • Control protocol available for custom modification. 

  • Eid18 has 2 dip switches for control settings.
  • 4 bit dip to set unit in Master / Slave and Panel mode.
  • 8 bit dip to set unit address: 0x00 is for offline use.
  • LAN port in and LAN port out for cascade connection to EidBus.


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